Buying new battery instead

The battery of my watched died months ago. I did not buy new battery because I wanted to buy new watch last Christmas a gift for myself. But I did not able to because I bought new cellphone. It was my priority at first but when my second older brother asked to give my old Samsung phone to him, the planned was change. So, I bought cellphone instead and give the old one to my brother. My old phone is one of my investments from the money I earned through blogging. It means a lot to me, and so I am handing it down to my brother who means a lot to me more.

I went to different watch store and looking for a nice and not so expensive watch. It is so difficult to find one. I cannot afford to buy an expensive one at the moment because I have other priorities. I have consult my older sister and asked for her opinion. She told me not to buy new watch because the old watch is still in good condition. The old watch is a gift from my SIL to me nine years ago. I did not notice that it is already nine long years. The older sister told me that I should save not spends. Instead of buying new watch, it is best to buy new battery for my old watch because it is cheaper. It makes sense.

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Have my watch repaired

The last time I wear the wristwatch my sister-in-law gave to me was four months ago.  This is the one and only jewelry that I have for a long time now.  This watch is special to me because it was given to me by the person I did not expect to give something for me.  I am wearing it one day it went dead.  I do not know the reason why so I just keep it and promised to have it check once I have the money.  I am glad that I am blessed the past weeks and I am able to save the amount of money needed for repairing my wristwatch.

Now, my wristwatch is as good as new.  Thank you Lord for the blessings for without it I won’t be able to save money for this.  I miss my watch very much and since it is okay now, I’m going to wear this one everyday even if I am just at home just to cope up from months of not wearing  It’s good to see it on my wrist I swear.  And when someone asks me what time is it, I can answer it now.  I have been asked many times and my answer was sorry I do not have a phone.  Now, I dare you people to ask me what time is it..:-)

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