Loving our new television

After our old television gets busted, we are using the television of the brother since they moved back in the house.  The other brother tried to fix it but did not able to fix it because the part that is broken is a bit expensive.  It is best to buy new one than to fix the old one.  It took me three years to persuade the father to buy new television because to him we do not need new television since we are using the brother’s television.  Partly the father is right.  We do not need it that time.  So I stopped bothering him.

Just recently, I went to the mall to unwind.  I went to the appliance section and look for television because the store has good offer.  Also, it is best to buy now because they give freebies and discount during holiday season.  After getting bit information about the television that I like, I told the father about it.  I used my power to persuade him.  Luckily, the father got interested and told me to go with him the following day.  Oh yes!  The father did buy new television.  It is a bit bigger compared to the old one and I love it.  It feels like I am watching a movie in the cinema because the screen is a bit bigger.

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Thinking of buying television

Our old television is no longer working.  My brother who is an electrician is trying to fixed it many times already but it didn’t work.  It comes back to normal but after a while the screen will turned black.  I guess the problem is the picture tube.  Instead of fixing it, my father decided to buy new television since our old television is like ten years old.  It is of services for a decade and needs to rest.  I am sad because it was our first ever colored television.  It has sentimental value but I have to accept that the old television has retired.

However, I am happy too because the television that my father is planning to buy is flat screen and it is wider compared to the old one.  It would be like watching movie in the cinema.  Though my father is not yet decided when to buy new television, still I am excited thinking that we have new television after ten years of using the old one.  I hope that the father will decide soon so that I can watch television in my room since the television of my brother is at the living room.  I can stay in my room and watching my favorite shows and movies.

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Watching their favorite cartoon show

PhotobucketAfter the girls are done with their household chores, they can now watch their favorite cartoon show on television.  They are watching together with these two little boys.  I was checking if they are doing their chores right when I saw these four little angels enjoying the show.  I took my camera and take a snap of them while watching the show.  They are so cute right?  Even if I told them not to sit on the center table, they still did.  I guess kids are like that, wanted to watch it closely.  They did not know I took a photo of them until the flash from the camera catches their attention.

I am glad that they are good kids on that day.  Very cooperative and friendly with each other.  They always fight almost everyday but during this day, they aren’t.  Maybe because I gave them chores to make them busy.  I am able to finished my tasks online.  Thanks to this technology, the television, for it entertains the kids while I am busy facing the computer.  Indeed, watching television is not bad at all for the kids especially when they are watching cartoons.  Some cartoon shows are informative and educational.  Things that the kids should watch to learn.

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