Language and communication skills

Four months have passed in the therapy clinic and the nephew is showing developments.  He can follow instructions, can distinguish things and showing curiousness when he sees objects, people doing actions, and the likes.  However, the only problem is that he can express himself freely.  He shows shyness a bit, and he is not that confident still.  When he is busy doing something and somebody is looking, he will stop what he is doing and will hide his face.  We are working on it too.  We are doing our best to help him to be more confident on what he is doing.  Hopefully, he will able to overcome his shyness soon and will gain some confidence.

The therapist gave us the evaluation and suggest helping the nephew in developing his language and communication skills.  And we need some materials for the nephew’s improvements.  We are searching on the internet on what ways to help him develop his language and communication skills.  We need to show him objects, explain it to him and allow him to think of what he will do with the certain object/s.  The nephew is improving his writing skills and can distinguish colors, shapes, letters, and numbers.  It is a good sign that the nephew is doing his best to help himself too.  We pray that the development will continue for him to be ready for the entrance exam for kindergarten.

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Educational videos for the nephew

Although the four-year-old nephew is showing some development at school, still he has difficulty is distinguishing some things.  He can’t tell or point out what is short and tall, big and small, and few and many.  Those things are not yet program in his mind.  I am trying my best to help him in distinguishing those things but it is difficult for him.  I am having a hard time teaching him and making him understand.  I so wish I have the ability and ideas to do it.  I wish I am a teacher so I know the approach.  I know that the nephew is still four years old, he has the time to distinguish them all, but I do not have patience to wait.  I felt that the nephew is so far behind from his classmates.  He can easily catch up on some things though, just that their current lesson is too hard for him.

I have talked to my sister about it so that she will find a ways to help her son since she is a teacher.  I told her to buy me a white board and white board pen for us to review his lessons at home.  Also, told her to buy or draw objects on different sizes and shapes for us to have an easy lesson at home.  However, the sister decided to just download videos about shapes and sizes.  It would be easy for my nephew to understand.  Her mother will do the same thing when the nephew is about to enter preschool.  He is watching videos about alphabet and their sounds and numbers.  It is easy to catch the nephew’s attention too.  Hopefully the sister will download more educational videos soon so we can our review too.

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Wish granted indeed!

The four year old nephew has been bothering his mother about buying him scooter for Christmas.  He saw a scooter at my aunt’s place.  Since then he has been asking his mother to buy him one.  Four months had passed and we thought he forgot it.  But when his mother asked him of what gift he wants for Christmas, he answered scooter.  OMG! Scooter is on top of his list.  We just smiled at him and said, his memory is awesome.haha!  Since Christmas day is his birthday, my sister (his mother) is considering of buying him scooter.  This will be his Christmas and birthday gift.

The sister already bought the gift he wants for Christmas.  They keep it in the safe place and will give him on his birthday.  Though he knows what gift he wants, still it would surely surprise him that his mother give him the present he wants.  The image on the scooter is his favorite carton show Thomas and friends.  I am pretty sure that this kid, my nephew, would be the happiest kid in the world.  One lucky kid in the world to have a loving and generous parents.  Indeed a wish granted.  I can see a smiling eyes and mouth this Christmas.

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Knows how to open and operate my phone

Indeed the new generations of today are very much techie.  At a young age, they are more aware of what is latest in the technology like gadgets.  They already know how to open it, operate it and play with it.  Not like before, the kids today are so techie with it comes to games.  They do not like playing with their toys anymore because they prefer to play the games downloaded in the mobile phones, tablets, Ipads and other gadgets.  It is sad to know that the old ways of playing is slowly fading.  But in in all fairness to us, in our house, the sister and brother still buy toys for their kids.

 Instead of allowing their kids to play games on the mobile phone, tablets and laptop, they are encourage their kids to play educational toys.  It is better to play and see using the real objects than seeing on the gadgets.  However, the kids gets so curious because they saw us playing with our gadgets.  In my case, when I play games in my tablet, the 2 years old nephew is on my lap and watched me playing.  Been doing it when I get bored and lonely at home.  I am not aware that the nephew is growing.  Now the nephew wants to play with my tablet.  I give it to him once and I am surprised because he already knows how to open and operate when he wants to play games.  And loves to play with it.  Yes, it is my fault and I need to find ways to make him interested playing of the educational toys his mother bought for him/them.  Good luck to me.  Lesson learned:  Do not underestimate the kids of new generation.

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