Start looking for better internet provider

In my previous post, I am complaining of my internet provider.  They have cut-off my internet connection five times already and when I asked them what is the problem, they just told me that they do not know.  They told me to call their main branch and ask them.  Also told me that they do not have control of their system.  It really pisses me off because I paid my connection regularly but the service I got is not good.  Plus, they have this so called Fair Use Policy.  The policy that I do not like no matter how tried to understand.

In the policy, when I reached 3GB in a month, I will get slow browsing speed.  It will took me minutes to hours every time I am looking for something online.  Also, I can’t watch movies and drama online, browsing on YouTube because of the slow speed.  I never experience this issue in my three years of this provider.  I really do not understand this policy.  I have to wait for the next month to get a normal browsing speed.  With this issue, I am thinking of moving to different internet provider.  I will look for better provider this month and will transfer right away because I do not understand this policy.

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Back to normal now

I have been complaining of how slow my internet connection many times already.  I visited my internet provider as well and asked why my connection is very slow.  They have this Fair Use Policy that means if I reached 3GB in a day I will have slower browser speed.   Which I do not like because I have to wait till midnight to have my normal browsing speed.  It is really frustrating especially when I am doing my blog hop.  I cannot open multiple links because it will become slower.  Every time I am logging in  to my blogs it will took several attempts to finally log in.  This is the reason I seldom update my blogs because of my internet connection.  I do not like to open my laptop anymore and do my online stuffs because of the slow connection.

Last month was my worse internet connection problem.  They have new policy, when I reached 3GB in a month, my connection will be slower and will be back to normal the following month.  How worse is that?  I did not bother to visit my internet provider because they will give me the same reason.  The reason that I don’t really understand.  And I do not want to understand.     Why they have this Fair Use Policy?  Why not do something to accommodate and give their clients/customers the proper service?   Since I reached 3GB in 10 days last month, I waited for 20 long days to get back normal browsing.  I patiently waited even if I am angry.  This month my browsing speed is back to normal.  Should I be glad?  I don’t know because I have to watch my usage. arghs!

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