Helping her out

We work to survive, to buy what we needs and wants, support and help.  It is always good to see the fruit of our labor, right?  For me, when I have extra, I see to it that I will buy something as a remembrance.  May it be a clothes, gadgets, household stuffs or treat the family to a sumptuous meal.  I always make sure that I have a good memory with that extra that I have.  I have bought several stuffs from working online.  I am happy about it because I am able to buy what I like, needs and help the family in my own little way.

Anyways, the reason I am saying this is because the nanny of my nephew’s really remind me of myself back when I was working in the office and in the factory.  We do have the same views why we need to find a job.  She has been a nanny to my nephews for eight months now.  In her eight months, she has been buying things she wants/like and needs.  Also sent some help to her family in the province.  Right now her aim is to buy new phone for herself.  She wants a touch screen cellphone and phone that is WiFi ready.  Since she is not yet familiar in the city, I am accompanying her and helping her out to pick the nice phone to buy.  We are done window shopping last weekend, and she already picked the one she likes.  This weekend, we will be going to the store again and buy the touch screen cellphone she likes.  Congratulations to her in advance.

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My New Phone

As I have mentioned from my earlier post about my plans of buying a new phone, well here it is.  I got a new phone now! Woohoo!  I so love my new phone because of the awesome features plus it is wifi ready.  This phone is my early gift for myself.  I am supposed to buy new phone this Christmas but it happens early because the brother’s phone is broken and asked me if he could have my old one.  I patiently saving money to buy new phone.  And I am so happy because I am able to buy new phone.

This phone is another fruit of my labor.  Since I have worked so hard, I guess it is good to give myself a reward.  A reward that I dreamed and wishing to have. Thanks to blogging for it gives me lots of blessings in life.  Also, thanks to God for the ability and my skills to write.  Though I am not a good writer, still I am thankful for the gift that God has given to me.  I pray that God will give me more blessings in the future, so that I can be a big help to the family.

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I know what to buy

After the brother told me that his phone is broke, I got the idea of buying the new phone for myself and give the old one to the brother.  But I cannot buy it right away because I need to save first.  Also, I d not know yet of what brand and kind of cellphone I am going to buy.  There are lots of new cellphones in the market today with awesome features and I am torn of what to buy.  I want a simple,wi-fi ready, has radio, camera and not bulky when I am holding it.  I know I can easily find the phone with the features that I have mentioned, but I have to consider the budget.  I do not want an expensive one because I need to save some for the rainy days.

After days of doing the window shopping with the sister, I know now of what brand and kind of cellphone I am going to buy.  Soon, I will hand down my old phone to the brother and I will be exploring my new phone.  Woohoo!  Crossing my fingers that my budget is enough and I will have something left in my pocket.  Hopefully by next week I will have new phone to enjoy.

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In search for a new cellphone

The cellphone that I am using is one year old.  It was my father who bought it for me after the lost of my one month old cellphone.  I do love my present phone but I feel like buying a new phone this year.  Another gift that I will give for myself for working so hard.  I have talked to my sister about it and I am happy that she did not disagree.  My plans perfect because the brother’s cellphone was busted.  Oh well, the brother is just a little careless.  He forgot that there is little ones at home that always thought it is a toy.

Anyhow since I am planning to buy a new cellphone this year, I am searching of a nice cellphone to buy.  I asked the sister to go with me so that she will help me decide.  I want to buy a phone that has better features compared to the one I am using now.  I prefer a phone that is WiFi ready and has a better camera.  I know that it is easy to find cellphones that has features that I am talking, but still I need the brilliant opinion of the sister.  Hopefully before this month ends, I have my new phone now so that I can give the old one to the brother.

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