Downloading more games

Downloading games in my cell phone is not in my priority because I bought my phone so I can be contacted by my family, friends, close relatives and by the company that I am applying for.   I am contented with the free downloaded two games in my cell phone.  I have been using my phone for a year now and so far I am liking it and enjoying the games in there.  However, when I went to social security system (SSS) to pay my contribution, I got bored waiting for my number.  I arrived at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and I was able to pay my contribution after four hours.  Imagine the time I have waited for my number to be called.  I was playing the games in my phone while waiting for my turn.  Four hours of playing the same game is a boring but I do not have any choice because I only have two games downloaded.

Because I get bored playing the same game over and over again, I thought of downloading more games in my cell phone.  I have search nice games to be installed in my phone because I want nice games and not so complicated.  I already have some games in my mind; I will just add more games so I have more options to choose.  It would be nice to play more than two games so when I get bored I will go to other game/s.

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The cell phone for their daughters

 photo 0d8469b0-48fb-402e-9f06-ff1726c183d7_zps1a60b2d0.jpgFinally, the SIL bought cell phone for their daughters to monitor them while at school.  The planned of buying two phones was not push through due to some family issues, at least they are able to buy one cell phone for the girls.  Besides only the eldest of my brother will use the phone.  Even though they will be using only one phone, the girls are still happy because the phone that was bought for them is the phone that they so want to have.  It is touch screen and has lots of games installed.  They were so excited to tell me that they have phone and it is touch screen.

The phone is really nice and is also tempting to snatchers/thief.  I told the SIL that it is not safe to allow them to bring the new phone because no one knows when someone got interested and stole it.  The brother and SIL then decide to give the old phone to the girls instead.  It is not really safe to give to them the new phone.  Prevention is better that cure.  The older nieces did not like it but she has nothing to do with it because her parents’ decision is final.  She can use it though on weekends.  The above photo is the phone that was newly bought.

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