Excited to see their new home

Aside frm being so busy planing for their wedding next year, the brother and his future wife is also busy with their new home.  They want to finished it before the wedding day arrives so that they can slowly move some of their things early, so that when the big event arrives, all is in order.  Right now they are renting a room near the company where my brother works while waiting for their new home to be done.  They are also buying new stuffs to put in their newly built abode.  I was asked by my future SIL about the nice color of their curtain, painting in their new home and some small details.  Even if I am not an interior decorator, I did my best to be of help to her.  I have used my talent in mixing colors to make the ambiance of the home cool and cozy.

Their new home is almost done and we are so excited to see it.  We do not know about the furniture yet because my brother opted to buy appliances first.  They are done with their sound system.  The next on brother’s list is flat screen television.  It is an easy job however, the brother is a bit picky and he is a technician, so my suggestion would end up in a debate.  So we just let him pick the television he likes and suited to their budget.  Hopefully we get to see their new home early next year.

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Notice of Disconnection

Yes, I have been posting in here the notice of disconnection of my internet connection several times already.  I promised that I will not get any more notice in the future so I wont be sharing it here.  However, today I am going to share again about notice of disconnection but this time it is our electricity. arghs!  Two months has lapsed and our electric bill has not paid yet.  I wish I have the money to pay the bill.  The bill is a bit higher and my online earning is just enough.  If I have extra I will surely shoulder the electric bill.

I am so allergic with notice of disconnection.  I talked to my father and sister about it and all we have was a sad face.  I used to seek helped from my older brother who lives in the another city but now that he is married and starting new life, I am shy to ask for help.  I hope we will find ways on how we are going to settle this notice of disconnection.   If  none, I guess I have to ask help from my brother again.  I have to get myself ready for the nagging and all.  I can handle it will perfectly because I am feed up with his nagging habits.  What is important is that he will rescue us.  That is all that matters to me.

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The Wedding Video

My younger brother got married three years ago, but have not seen their wedding photos and video yet.  I have been bugging them to bring the CD tape every time they visit us but always forgot.  If only they live near us, I would surely get it myself because I am so eager to watch their wedding video and wedding photos.  The reason that we did not able to see it before is because their marriage life is struggling.  My brother and his wife has encounter a big turbulence on their first year of married life.  Luckily, they patched it up and promise to not give up easily no matter how difficult and hard the trials they are facing.

After three years, finally I get to watch the wedding video.  It is really fun watching the video, the edited one and no edit.  I enjoyed watching the bloopers and the laughter.  It was indeed a moment to treasure for the couple and us.  The day where the whole family and the relatives are having fun.  Thank you brother for bring the CD finally for us to watch.  Next time you visit, please bring the wedding photos.  I’d like to see the photos especially my photos..haha!  Anyways, I wish you all the best in life now that the turbulence is gone.  Good luck on your smooth sailing married life.  Be happy always and God bless you both.

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Should I be mad?

The reason why I bought new phone is because my brother wants me to give my Samsung Galaxy Young Dou to him.  He wants to have android phone for Facebook purposes.  It was one difficult decision to make because my Samsung phone is one of my remembrance in my blogging career.  It was the first phone that I bought using the money I earned through blogging.  But because I love my brother, I gave it to him and I bought cheaper phone.  When I hand it to him, I saw his big smile.  Makes me happy seeing him happy.  He was like a baby playing with his first ever toy car.

It has been in his care for a year now.  Lately, I have not seen the phone that I gave to him.  I asked the brother where is the phone that I gave to him.  He said that he gave it to his girlfriend.  Honestly, I am hurt because of what he did.  I felt that he is not valuing the thing that I give to him.  I told him that if he thought of buying new phone, he should give it back to me so I can give it to my niece.  But it is too late now because the phone has new owner.

If I were to ask you, should I be mad of what my brother did?

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