Photo cards for his birthday

In three months time, the nephew will turns three years old.  Time flies really fast nowadays.  Seems like it was just yesterday when I held him on my arms.  The nephew is getting bigger and older.  His birthday last year was so simple.  I just bought balloons and cake for him.  My brother make a big tarpaulin with his name, photos and the happy birthday greetings for him.  Just a simple celebration for him.  We invited some of his friends in the neighbor to celebrates with us.  This year I wanted to give him a small party once again.  Since we still have the tarpaulin last year, I thought of ordering photo cards on his birthday.  Something that we could give to his visitors and also a sort of remembrance to his friends.  I will order personalized photo cards for his birthday at the store where personalized holiday cards are made.  I am pretty sure that this year’s birthday celebration of the nephew will be a memorable one for him.

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Happy that she turns seven

I started teaching Ronna in doing the dishes at the age of eight years old.  I want her to become a responsible person when he grows up.  Every time I teach her, Ella always watching and sometimes asked me if she can help.  I am not allowing her because she is younger than Ronna.  I told her that I will teach her when she reach the age of eight.  While Ronna is doing the dishes, Smiley  I asked Ella to sweep the floor so that she won’t bother Ronna.  She is a very helpful girl compared to Ronna but I cannot allow her to help because Ronna gets mad when Ella is around.  Though they are friends, sometimes they fight when Ella is messing with her.

January 7, 2012 is the birthday of Ella and she turns seven.  I was preparing the salad when she come near to me and whispered “isa nalang kulang”, which means one more year she will turn eight.   I am surprised because she remembers what I told her.  She is indeed a good girl to remember it and reminded me.  She is not only happy that it is her birthday but also happy that she is seven and one more year she will do the dishes.  I am happy with my nieces and I pray that they will be a better person when they grow up. Smiley


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Mellow Yellow Monday #35: The Birthday Girl


I can’t imagine how time flies so fast.  The baby that I used to carry on my arms, babysit and feed is now eight years old.  She grown up now and pretty little one.  Just recently we celebrated her birthday.  The day she is waiting for and counting.  Believe it or not, she keeps on counting on how many days are left till her birthday and never failed to remind us that she will be turning eight and she wants this and

We just have a simple dinner with the family and the cake that she is requesting from her mommy (my sister, her aunt).  Happy birthday Nana, wish you good health and be a good girl always.

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Celebrating her 40th Birthday

Today is my sister-in-laws 40th birthday.  I did not able to greet her this morning because I woke up late and she is gone for work.  Later this afternoon I send her message to her mobile phone asking about her plans as it’s her special day today.  She just laughed at me and said not plans because no money.  I felt sad for her so I am thinking of a little surprise for her tonight.  I talk to my sister and brother about my plan.  We contributed a little amount of money to buy foods for dinner.

We are so happy to see the smile on my sister-in-law’s face after seeing the foods we prepared on the table.  After she arrived I set the table to get ready for dinner.  We started it with the praying and singing happy birthday to her the foods are waiting for us to taste them. It was indeed a successful little surprise for my sister-in-law’s special day.  Nothing beats the simple dinner with the whole family and wishing her the best in life.  It is a simple celebration but memorable one.

Again to my sister-in-law, happy birthday to her and wishing her all the best in life.  God bless and good health.

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