To make the waiting fruitful

Because of the law imposed by the city government of not allowing the kids to ride the motorcycle, I have to send and fetch the four-year-old nephew at school.  His father can’t send him to school anymore, only the eldest son.  The nephew’s class session is only two hours, I thought of wait for the dismissal or if I will go home after sending him off, I might stick in the traffic and will not be able to come back on the dismissal time.  My daily routine is messed up I must say.  I have to wake up two hours early than the usual, for I have to attend the eight months old niece. I have to get her ready before leaving her under my father’s supervision for two hours.

Two hour of waiting without doing anything is boring.  On my first week, I felt sleepy waiting because I did not bring my tablet.  My companion when I feel bored.  My two hours is wasted, too bad.  Now I have brought my tablet with me.  My two hours will be fruitful for I will be busy writing new post for my blogs.  Hopefully I will get to write many while waiting for the nephew.  Time is gold and wasting it is not good either.  My idle time waiting will be fruitful now.

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I wish to have my sewing machine

Sewing our curtain using my hands and needle and thread was my first sewing experience.  I was 17 then I think and was trying to show my inner talent.  Since we do not have a sewing machine, I just get needle and thread and started sewing the curtain by hand.  It was a success and I am so happy with the outcome.  The only problem is that it is not sewed perfectly.  It will not last long.  But still glad that I can sew it and proved to myself that I can sew.  I have the talent which I got it from my late mother and I will develop it.  That is what I told myself back then.

The second sewing experience was when I did the nieces and nephew’s costume on their book parade at school.  And the third was when I sewed the costumes of the nephew and his classmates on their presentation for their recognition day.  Thanks to our neighbor for letting me borrow her sewing machine.  Those experiences make me so happy because in a way I can pursue my dreams to become a dressmaker just like my mother.  I wanted to study dressmaking but was not able to do it for financial reason and I do not have time yet.  I wish to really pursue this dream of becoming a dressmaker someday.  Since I did not study yet, I wish to practice while waiting for the time to study dressmaking.  And I can only do that if I have the sewing machine.  Hopefully, I get to buy and have my own sewing machine.  Who wants to give and donate for me to buy the sewing machine? *wink*

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Catching it up online

Yesterday was the finale of the show Asia’s Next Top Model.  And I am so happy that the country’s representative bagged the most coveted title.  For the past four cycle, the country’s representative failed to bag the title, but they do make it to the top three.  I must say that Philippine is a strong contender.  They are a threat to other contestants.  At some point, I do not feel like watching the show because of what had happened to the previous representatives.  But because I am a fan, I am still watching and supporting the contender from the Philippines, my country.

The Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 has just ended.  I am so happy that the country’s representative brings home the bacon.  I missed some episodes because of show conflicts.  We only have one television at home, and I do not have the full authority.  I do not feel bad at all every time I missed an episode because I can catch up by watching it online.  Thanks to my internet connection and to this modern technology.  I can watch it all over again.  Anyways, congratulations to Maureen Wroblewitz for winning the Asia’s Next Top Model.  She may be bullied by other contestants, but she stood still and proved to them that she deserves to be there and proves to them that she is more than a pretty face.

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Ready for her pre-course in school

The niece is in grade 9 and they have their pre-course.  She is a bit confuse of what she wants to take on her pre-course.  She is asking my opinion of the best pre-course to take after showing to me the pre-courses offered at their school.  If I were to decide I would like her to take the baking course.  It would be a perfect choice because it will surely help her if ever she wants to put up her own business in the future.  But, I must let her pick the course she likes.  It is best if she takes the course she likes so she will be enjoying doing it and will surely do well on the things she likes.  I do appreciate the niece on approaching me, it makes me feel special. 

Anyways, the niece took the computer related pre-course.  It is a good choice still and I wish her the best of luck.  She will be needing laptop, printer for school assignment and homework.  I am giving to her my old laptop, she just has to reformat it because it was infected by virus.  I did not bring it back to the technician who formatted it first because I opted to buy new one so the niece can use my old laptop.  Hopefully it will be reformatted because her pre-course class starts. Good luck to my niece and enjoy your pre-course and your life at school with your friends. 

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