Language and communication skills

Four months have passed in the therapy clinic and the nephew is showing developments.  He can follow instructions, can distinguish things and showing curiousness when he sees objects, people doing actions, and the likes.  However, the only problem is that he can express himself freely.  He shows shyness a bit, and he is not that confident still.  When he is busy doing something and somebody is looking, he will stop what he is doing and will hide his face.  We are working on it too.  We are doing our best to help him to be more confident on what he is doing.  Hopefully, he will able to overcome his shyness soon and will gain some confidence.

The therapist gave us the evaluation and suggest helping the nephew in developing his language and communication skills.  And we need some materials for the nephew’s improvements.  We are searching on the internet on what ways to help him develop his language and communication skills.  We need to show him objects, explain it to him and allow him to think of what he will do with the certain object/s.  The nephew is improving his writing skills and can distinguish colors, shapes, letters, and numbers.  It is a good sign that the nephew is doing his best to help himself too.  We pray that the development will continue for him to be ready for the entrance exam for kindergarten.

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Does Your Dog Have Arthritis?

Have you noticed a change in your dog’s mood and behavior? Is he showing less interest in walks and play time? According to veterinary medicine studies, 60 percent of dogs over the age of seven have arthritis, but their owners don’t recognize the symptoms.

The Pain of Arthritis

Arthritis, a degenerative joint disease, causes pain in humans and animals. People with arthritis can vocalize pain and seek medical help through a doctor and medications. Dogs with arthritis will rarely vocalize pain, unless it’s a sudden injury. With the chronic pain of arthritis, most animals will suffer in silence. Pain will show up in mood and behavioral changes. You may notice that your dog doesn’t run anymore or that he walks slower than he once did. He may have difficulty getting up from a reclining position or toss and turn while sleeping. A dog with arthritis may sleep or nap more than normal and be harder to wake up. He may also exhibit grumpy or even aggressive behavior when petted or touched. If this occurs, don’t take it personally. His odd behavior is all about the pain he’s feeling.

Pain Management and Prevention

Arthritis is a non-curable disease, but pain can be effectively managed with various medications. Anti-inflammatory medications and prescriptions, as well as natural joint supplements like cetyl m for dogs, offer relief for chronic joint pain caused by arthritis. If anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are prescribed for your dog, it’s important to take him to the vet for annual checkups. Long-term use of NSAIDs can cause kidney and liver problems. Whatever type of pain management treatment you choose, once your dog’s pain is relieved you may notice that he has more energy for walks and seems more eager to play.

Preventing arthritis may be difficult, especially as your dog gets older. The risk of degenerative joint disease increases in human and animals with age due to bone loss and wear and tear on cartilage. Although arthritis may not be preventable, you can slow down its progression through diet and exercise. According to veterinarians, keeping your dog at a healthy weight is one good way to fight off arthritis. Extra weight puts stress on a dog’s joints. Veterinarians commonly see overweight dogs with hip and leg problems. A healthy weight combined with daily exercise can help your dog live longer and avoid diseases, including arthritis, in his senior years.

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Paying the termination fee

For the second time, my internet connection was disconnected.  My upgraded internet connection is very strict.  When you forgot to pay the bills on time, they will terminate the connection right away.  Not like my old internet connection, they will cut the internet connection when you failed to pay the bill in two months.  I am not used to it yet, that is why I experienced internet termination twice in two months.  When they cut my connection the first time, they did not charge me for a termination fee. I just paid the unpaid bill and my connection is back after four hours.  The second time they cut my connection, I am charged a termination fee. I was angry because they did not tell me about the termination fee when I paid my bill last time.  But what can I do, I must pay it or else I do not have the internet connection.

From that experience, I learned my lesson not to neglect paying my internet bill because they are very strict now.  I do understand though, but it is difficult to accept that they will add additional burden to my internet bill.LOL!  At some point, I regret it upgrading my internet connection.  I should have stayed to my old connection which I have been using for four years.  Well, it is my sister’s fault because she is after of the phone home that is why she is persuading me to upgrade my internet connection.  Anyways, next time will pay my bill on time to avoid disconnection and the termination fee.

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Educational videos for the nephew

Although the four-year-old nephew is showing some development at school, still he has difficulty is distinguishing some things.  He can’t tell or point out what is short and tall, big and small, and few and many.  Those things are not yet program in his mind.  I am trying my best to help him in distinguishing those things but it is difficult for him.  I am having a hard time teaching him and making him understand.  I so wish I have the ability and ideas to do it.  I wish I am a teacher so I know the approach.  I know that the nephew is still four years old, he has the time to distinguish them all, but I do not have patience to wait.  I felt that the nephew is so far behind from his classmates.  He can easily catch up on some things though, just that their current lesson is too hard for him.

I have talked to my sister about it so that she will find a ways to help her son since she is a teacher.  I told her to buy me a white board and white board pen for us to review his lessons at home.  Also, told her to buy or draw objects on different sizes and shapes for us to have an easy lesson at home.  However, the sister decided to just download videos about shapes and sizes.  It would be easy for my nephew to understand.  Her mother will do the same thing when the nephew is about to enter preschool.  He is watching videos about alphabet and their sounds and numbers.  It is easy to catch the nephew’s attention too.  Hopefully the sister will download more educational videos soon so we can our review too.

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