Glad the dog has complete vaccination

One of the responsibilities as the dog owner to have the complete vaccination for their dogs.  It is like taking care of your baby.  And it is not easy to have the pet at home because of the responsibilities.  But when a friend of mine asked me if I want a dog I accepted it right away.  Because the breed of the dog is cute.  And I named him Almond.  I want to have a dog at home because some say having pets is the stress reliever.  My father did not like my idea at first but when the puppy arrives, they love it right away.  Sometimes, he plays with my dog.

My dog stays at home and sleeps in my room under my bed.  I do not allow my dog to go outside because I am scared that he will bite someone.  That is my fear the moment I accepted the puppy.  So, I told the family to keep the gate closed so the dog will not go out.  However, last Saturday, we have fiesta celebration at home and have few visitors at home.  I must let the dog go out so he won’t bother our visitors.  I just prayed my dog will be good while he is outside.  The gate is open the whole day and until dawn.  The visitors of my brother are enjoying the sing-a-long until dawn.  They are having fun when the group of teenagers are running and shouting outside the house, the dog surprised by the noise and suddenly run where the teenagers are going and unfortunately bit one of the boys.  I am so scared of what had happened, I am glad the dog has a complete vaccination, I do not have to worry much.  I am waiting for the teenager to come back the following day, but he did not.  So, I guess he is fine.  Thanks for the free vaccination offered by the city government at the center.

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Downloaded Videos for the Nephew

The nephew is prohibited to use any gadgets since he started his therapy.  He lacks in communication skill because he is too much exposed to gadgets.  It is very difficult because gadgets can make him stay still at home.  When I am busy doing chores at home, I gave him the tablet so he won’t be bugging me or make a lot of mess in the room and living area.  I downloaded several games on my laptop so the nephew has more games to play at choose. Which is not good.  In a way, I am blaming myself for this because I let him play with the games in the tablet for hours.  I should have talked to him more often to develop his communication skills.

The nephew’s addiction to gadgets came back a few days ago.  He saw one of his classmates at school playing with gadgets, and suddenly he asked me about my tablet.  He always bugs me to play with my tablet but my answer is no.  Because I did not let him play with the tablet, he bugs his younger sister (10 months).  I have decided to let him play with the tablet, but I deleted the previous games and downloaded educational videos.  Videos that will help the nephew develop his communication skills and, for him familiarized with letters, numbers, colors, shapes, manners, how to count and more.  So far, he likes it.

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Mask making project

I promised myself not to help the kids with doing their projects, homework, and assignments as much as possible because I want their parents to do it.  It will be a great bonding with them since their parents are both working.  They do not have much time to be with their kids and besides I am helping them since they are in grade school, now that they are in high school, it is now their time to help their kids with projects, homework, and assignments.  The niece has been asking me to help her with her project.  It is a mask making project.  I suggested making a simple one.  Think of a design that she likes.  I want her to squeeze her brain to think of a nice design.

The niece needs a mask for their classroom presentation.  A mask like in the masquerade party.  I do have the idea in mind because I have seen masquerade party in the movie but can’t decide on lively colors for the design.  To help me with the idea, I search it online.  I search for a simple mask design, with nice colors.  I do not want her to spend much for the designs or decoration that is why I want to make a simple one.  The mask is done and the niece is ready for their presentation.  I wish her the best of luck.  Indeed the technology will help us a lot in searching for ideas, ways and how’s when doing projects.

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29th Southeast Asian Games

photo not mine

Last Saturday was the opening ceremony of the 29th Southeast Asian Games held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  11 countries will be competing for this event such as, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Brunei, Timor-Leste, Lao PDR, Vietnam and Cambodia.  The athletes will be giving their very best to win the gold for their respective countries. My country, Philippines, will be competing for 39 games.   The opening ceremony was simple but nice especially the parade of nations and the lightning of the torch.  I am proud of these athletes who do this sacrifices for the love of their country.  The games will last for two weeks.  I will pray for the safety of all the participating athletes.

The country has won three gold medals on the recent medal tally, and still counting.  More games to compete and lots of medals that is up for grabs.  Last night, the men’s national team for basketball won their games against their Thailand opponent.  This is a good start for basketball team, more games to come and I pray that they will continue the winning streak to the final.  I am looking forward for the volleyball teams, I am so excited to see the powerful attacks and smash in the volleyball court.  Good luck team Philippines, you all make us proud to be a Filipino.  Go fight for the country’s pride and bring home more golds for the country.

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