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Designing his wedding invitation

In two months, my older brother will finally tie the knot.   We are helping him in preparing his wedding because his wife to be cannot move freely because of her condition.  She is two months pregnant and advised not to take extra movement because it is dangerous.  If possible, she will just lay down till the baby turns three months said the doctor.  I am glad that the brother seeks our help.  Instead of going to the shop who make wedding invitations, we will just use the technology that we have and search online for a simple and nice design.

I will just get the style of the invitation I search online and show it to my brother for him to pick of what wedding invitation he likes.  We will not copy the invitation fully, we will just get an idea though.  I am glad the younger brother knows a little about the job of a graphic artist.  He can help the older brother on designing his wedding invitation and tarpaulin.  We are still gathering details on their wedding, and looking for a nice wedding tokens/giveaways.   Hope we will be able to finish it early so we have enough time to rest and relax waiting for the big event of my brother and his wife to be’s wedding day.

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The Wedding Video

My younger brother got married three years ago, but have not seen their wedding photos and video yet.  I have been bugging them to bring the CD tape every time they visit us but always forgot.  If only they live near us, I would surely get it myself because I am so eager to watch their wedding video and wedding photos.  The reason that we did not able to see it before is because their marriage life is struggling.  My brother and his wife has encounter a big turbulence on their first year of married life.  Luckily, they patched it up and promise to not give up easily no matter how difficult and hard the trials they are facing.

After three years, finally I get to watch the wedding video.  It is really fun watching the video, the edited one and no edit.  I enjoyed watching the bloopers and the laughter.  It was indeed a moment to treasure for the couple and us.  The day where the whole family and the relatives are having fun.  Thank you brother for bring the CD finally for us to watch.  Next time you visit, please bring the wedding photos.  I’d like to see the photos especially my photos..haha!  Anyways, I wish you all the best in life now that the turbulence is gone.  Good luck on your smooth sailing married life.  Be happy always and God bless you both.

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How to Use a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Remember the days when couples placed disposable cameras on their tables and asked guests to take photos for them during the reception? Brides and grooms today want faster results, which is why they now rely on photo booths rather than disposable cameras. Photo booths let your guests take hundreds of images together throughout the night, which gives you fun and candid photographs of your big day. Whether you decide to look for a portable photo booth for sale to use after your big day or one for rent, you will still want to know how to use one.

Placing Your Photo Booth

One thing you need to consider is the placement of your photo booth. You generally want to place it in a location where everyone can see it and a place that is easy for your guests to reach. Some couples place their booth right next to the dance floor, but others place it closer to the bar. Don’t make the same mistake that others did and place yours in an out of the way location because it doesn’t match your colors or theme. This may lead to fewer guests taking pictures.

Putting the Booth Up

If you rent a photo booth, the installation and set up should come included in the price. Some couples decide to buy one of these machines because they want to keep it in their homes and use it for parties and events later. It should come with detailed instructions regarding the set up. You usually need to place the component with the camera on top of the component with the printer. Some booths also come with mounting brackets that you can use for hanging and placing strobe lights or other specialty lights inside.

Adding Extra Accessories

Once you add the film to your photo booth, you can add some fun accessories for your guests to use when taking pictures. Many brides and grooms set out boxes with lots of costumes for their guests. You can use top hats and bridal veils to let your guests reenact your big moment, or you can give them props like fake food, funny wigs and Halloween costumes. Those props give your guests more creativity over the final pictures. Whether you buy or rent a photo booth for your wedding, you’ll get some unique pictures of your wedding reception.

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