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Summer class about computers

The niece took the examination to avail of the summer class about computers two months ago.  Luckily, she passed the examination and she can avail of the summer class.  However, it is not for free but because she passed the exam she will get a discount.  I read the program and it is nice because it will really help the niece to be more knowledgeable in computers.  If ever she will take computer related course in college, it would be easier for her because of the background she will get is she grabbed the summer class offered.  If this class offered when I am still studying I will surely grab it.

The class has nice sessions.  The niece showed to us the amount we are going to pay upon registration and the amount we have to pay every session.  The discount is already deducted.  Even though it has discount, still the amount is a bit high and the SIL do not like it.  To her, instead of spending money for the said summer class, it is best to save the money for the next school year.  She has a point, anyways the niece is only 11 years old.  The offer is good but the timing is not.  I am pretty sure that more opportunities will come her way.  The niece is sad because she really wanted to take the summer class for computers.  I guess this is not the right time.

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Showing her some techniques

Not like her older sister, my other niece is a bit slow in mathematics especially in division. She is having a hard time to solve problem in division in more than four digits. She is trying her best though. I have told her older sister to help her in solving division problems. However, instead of teaching her it is her older sister who will solve the problems and will give to her the answer with the solutions. What my niece did is wrong because she is not helping her sister at all. I want her to teach her little by little for her to know the steps so she can solve it alone.

I did not like what the older niece did, so even if I do not like I teach the niece instead and showing her some techniques to make the division in multiple number easy and fast. I am sharing the same techniques I used when I was still studying. I am not good in mathematics but math is one of my favorite subjects. It took us almost three hours solving their division assignments in mathematics. I give my very best and share some techniques to the niece too. I do hope that she will use it and practice more for her to appreciate the mathematics subject especially the division. Also, one of the reason I am teaching the teach my simple techniques is for her to not be dependent with the calculator for I know calculator won’t help her at all.

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Wanting a shoes on their recognition

Three more weeks school year 2011 – 2012 will soon be concluded.  The kids are looking forward for their classes to ends because they are very much excited for summer.  Going to beach and play everyday is what the kids loves to do during summer.  That is how the nieces and nephew loves to do.  Just this afternoon, the niece talk to me and informing me that she will finished with honors.  I am so happy because this means she did well at school. I thought she will not make it because being  transferred is not easy.  It needs lots of adjustments. But the nieces did well despite she is new and she has friends now.  The shy niece that I used to know is no longer a shy one.

Anyways, buying her a present if she finished with honors is my idea.  My way of motivating her since she is a type one.  True enough, she was motivated doing well at school.  And now asking me to buy her a shoe to wear on their upcoming recognition day.  The shoes would be my present for her and her sister.  Gosh, I need to buy two pairs of shoes for the nieces.   Well, they deserved it because they made us proud by finishing with flying colors.  Good luck girls.


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Rent your textbooks and save money

Apart from tuition and lodging, textbooks are one of the bigger expenses that face college students. It is often difficult to rationalize spending a huge amount of money for books that you will use for only one semester and then possibly never open again. Campus Book Rentals offers a solution to high textbook prices and puts money back into your wallet. Instead of buying your college textbooks, you can simply rent them for the needed time period whether it is a semester, a quarter or a summer-at a fraction of the price. After ordering, the books are delivered to your doorstep within 7-14 business days or even faster with expedited shipping. Shipping is free both ways so you don’t have to worry about postal charges-the entire experience is as painless as possible. Even though the book is a rental you can treat it as your very own and highlight sections that are important to you. If for any reason you need to retake the class you can re-rent your book for 30% less than the original rental price-which still saves a lot of money over purchasing. Since Campus Book Rentals knows that you may just fall in love with your James Stewart Calculus book and want to keep it forever, they offer the option to buy your book from them by paying the difference from the rental price and the full value of the book-it’s a win-win. Save money on textbooks and put it where it really matters-like your restocking your fridge.


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