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Rent your textbooks and save money

Apart from tuition and lodging, textbooks are one of the bigger expenses that face college students. It is often difficult to rationalize spending a huge amount of money for books that you will use for only one semester and then possibly never open again. Campus Book Rentals offers a solution to high textbook prices and puts money back into your wallet. Instead of buying your college textbooks, you can simply rent them for the needed time period whether it is a semester, a quarter or a summer-at a fraction of the price. After ordering, the books are delivered to your doorstep within 7-14 business days or even faster with expedited shipping. Shipping is free both ways so you don’t have to worry about postal charges-the entire experience is as painless as possible. Even though the book is a rental you can treat it as your very own and highlight sections that are important to you. If for any reason you need to retake the class you can re-rent your book for 30% less than the original rental price-which still saves a lot of money over purchasing. Since Campus Book Rentals knows that you may just fall in love with your James Stewart Calculus book and want to keep it forever, they offer the option to buy your book from them by paying the difference from the rental price and the full value of the book-it’s a win-win. Save money on textbooks and put it where it really matters-like your restocking your fridge.


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First day of school

After the two weeks holiday vacation, the kids will be going back to school today.  They are still in a vacation mood, but nothing they can do but to wake up early and getting ready for school.    Smiley   I can see the faces of my two nieces that they do not want to go to school today however, they should because they have lots of things to do in preparation for their upcoming third grading exam.  Their movement is in slow-mo for they are not in the mood yet.  I remember when I was their age, I do not want to go back to school right away after the vacation and the sister will always yell at me. Smiley

The house is so quiet after the kids left for school.  The ambiance that I do love  for I can take some rest and have some time for myself.  The house is so noisy and messy when kids are around.  I am so glad that they go back to school today.  Less stress and not so tiring day for me.  I will get enough sleep and have a long nap to regain the energy I have lost preparing for the holiday celebration and the birthday celebration.   Time to rest now.  Happy New Year Everyone! Smiley

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Washing our Hands

As a teacher I always tell my students about good manners and etiquette. I won’t forget nor miss about telling them to wash their hands before eating their foods. Every time we will have our snacks, we always go there all together and fall in line in washing our hands. At the same time we will sing all together.

“This is the way, we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands” (2x) Early in the morning…. “

My little bumblebee love it and they always have fun in doing it. Since they are having fun in washing their hands, they really won’t forget to wash their hands before eating their foods or before having snacks. Then they would let their Hand Dryer.

Upon looking, how they are enjoy doing it. It made me smile and feel so thankful that I teach them the right way. I considered it a big achievement every time I share my knowledge with my little bubble bees. It is also the same, once I saw how happy their parents are, to see how their little kiddos getting improve and got some much friends to socialize. I just could not but smile at the same time.  We’ve just started and we have a long way to go.

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Cooking School

I was invited before by a friend to enroll in a cooking school since I love to cook.  I really wanted to but my situation is not allowing me to do so.  I have to nurse my father who is sickly and at the same time babysitting my brother’s kids.  It is a good opportunity for me because it is for free but I let it slipped away.  I have regrets but I just look at the bright side of it that my family needs me the most.

I just contented myself watching cooking show on television.  It really inspires me and I wanted to try those recipes they are cooking but my resources is not enough plus I did not able to list the recipes and on how to do it correctly.  I still wish to be enrolled in a cooking school for me to develop my cooking ability.  I am not a good cook but wanted to be one someday.  It is free to dream that is why it is still in my dreams and I pray it will come true one day.  If there is another offer, I would surely grab it to make my dream come true.  I pray there is.:-)

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