It is more safer now

My father and I have noticed that our lights at home are blinking three days ago.  We did not bother to know the reason why.  We just thought that it is because the bulb is old and need to be replaced.  But yesterday, the blinking is getting worse.  My father called my older brother and told him the situation.  The brother told us to check the main switch.  I am so scared because the fuse sparks.  There is something wrong with our connection.  The brother-in-law checked it and it is loss connection.  If we do not turn it off, it will cause short circuit and worse thing might happen.

I was supposed to do my online stuffs last night but was not able to because we do not have electricity yesterday.  Today, my father contacted an electrician since my older brother can’t come to fix it due to work.  We were advised to buy circuit breaker.  It is really dangerous when short circuit happen.  From that experienced we learned that we should always check the electrical connection at home, if we noticed that something is not right, we should act right away and do not wait for three days to finally do some action just like we did.  Thank God nothing serious happen to us.  Now that we have circuit breaker, we are more safe now.

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