He wants a remote control car

Christmas is fast approaching.  People would be very busy attending different parties especially the kids.  One of the Christmas parties that kids are looking forward to is the party at their school.  They are so excited because their minds are set that they will be receiving gift/s.  Exchanging of gifts is what the kids are looking forward to at their Christmas party at school.  To them the party won’t be complete without exchanging of gifts.  Having said that, the sister would be very busy on her sons Christmas party at school.  She attended the meeting already and the parents decided that they will be the one giving gifts for their son/daughter.

The sister’s sons ages 6 and 4 years old.  And she will be the one who will give gifts to her sons on the party.  If she were to pick a gift for her sons, she wants an educational toys because it would really help them on their studies.  It would help her sons prepared for the next grade.  But she has to ask her sons of what gift they want for Christmas.  Her eldest wants a remote control car.  He is dreaming to have one after he saw one at the mall.  The nephew haven’t forgot it.  The sister will be buying two remote control car for her two sons so they won’t fight.

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