Hope my files are saved

My laptop is still at the shop because the hard disk and keyboard are destroyed that causes my laptop to stop working.  I am so sad because the timing is really bad.  And I do not have budget to bring it to the shop.  But still I brought it to the technician to have it fixed.  The damaged will really cost me because hard disk and keyboard needs to be replace.  Where would I get the money?  This is the first question that entered my mind after hearing the amount I need to pay.  Still I give it a go and just told the technician that I will contact him once I have the money.  Good thing he said yes.

The other day, I called the technician and asked him if he could save all my files in the old hard disk.  He did not say yes to me, he just said that he will contact me once my laptop is okay.  Also, told me they will try to retrieve my old files.  I cannot afford to lost all my files there especially the photos I have saved in the documents.  The photos of my family when we have our vacation in Bohol.  Thinking that I might lost all the files makes me want to cry.  I am crossing my fingers though that all my files will be saved.

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