Finally bought a monopod

I am disappointed when the monopod that I ordered online did not arrive on the day I expected it.  I never bother to contact the seller because I am really sad.  We made a transaction online and she promised that it will arrived before the event arrives (I am going to attend a family event back then).  I just thought that it is not the right time, maybe God wants me to save the money for the rainy days.  Thinking of the positive side of what happened, I just accepted it.  Everything happens for a reason.  Besides it is not a need really, it only one of wants in this modern technology life.

I must admit I gave up on buying monopod because the excitement was no longer there.  However, I meet someone selling gadgets accessories, monopod, screen protector and the likes  at the school of my nephew.  I smiled thinking that this may be the perfect time to buy a monopod.  I ordered one monopod right away after trying the sample she brought.  After a week my monopod arrives.  I am the happiest.  Feeling like a kid having lots of candies and chocolates.  Taking selfie pictures would be fun because of this monopod.  More selfie pictures coming up soon.  Woohoo!

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