Thanks to the spin dryer and the washing machine

Rainy season is here and the city is wet.  It is a must to always bring umbrella with you.  I admit I like it when it rains because I can be lazy.  I like to  stay at home and stay in my bed while listening the sound of the rain poured on the roof.  The sound of the rain is so relaxing to me.  But even so sometimes I hate the rain because I get sick during this season.  As of the moment I am dealing with cold, flu, runny nose and cough.  Yes, I am not feeling well and I so hate it because it bothers me a lot.  I do not like to do household chores when I am not feeling well.

It rains the whole day yesterday.  But the rain does not stop me from doing my laundry.  Well, I do not have any choice but to do it for I have loads of laundry every weekend.  And weekend is my laundry day.  I still do my laundry yesterday even if I don’t feel good.  My laundry chores finished early for I got the help of the washing machine.  And I do not have to worry in drying it for our washing machine has dryer.  Thanks much to the washing machine and drying my laundry is done.  I am also done folding the clothes.  I am able to take a good rest in the afternoon and today.

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