The mono pod did not arrive

I have longed to buy mono pod a year ago, but did not able to have one.  Although I so wanted it that much, it is not in my priority.  When I have extra I will buy one.  After buying new phone, the first thing that come in my mind is to finally buy mono pod.  I have look for mono pod in the department store that I went to but cannot find the one that I like.  I do not like the color and the style on display plus the price is not so friendly to my budget.LOL

Since I cannot find in the department store, I tried to look online.  And I am glad I found the one that I like and the price is just enough to my budget.  Added bonus is that the one selling online is a friend.  I am like winning the jackpot.  I immediately ordered one two weeks ago.  I told the seller that I need it on the weekend because I am attending a family gathering.  I am happy after she told me that the mono pod will be delivered before Saturday (May 28, 2016).  Perfect because the gathering is on the 28th.  Unfortunately the mono pod did not arrive.  I do not know what went wrong for I haven’t heard anything from my friend.  I am still waiting for her to contact me till now.  I do not worry a lot because I have not send my payment yet.  Hopefully it will be delivered soon while I am still in the mood to have mono pod.haha!

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