This will be the last time

It was exactly two years ago when I bought my old phone.  I promised then that it will be my last phone and I will not buy new one unless it will be broken/busted.  I am loving my old phone because it was a fruit of my labor.  Also, it was a gift for myself for working hard.  It is my way of pampering myself.  I am the happiest person when I bought my old phone because I never thought that I could buy 5 inches touchscreen phone.  It was only in my dreams before but now it came true.

However, when I went to the department store and strolling around.  It just came into my mind of checking on new phones in the market.  It was not my intention of buying new one but I end up buying new phone.  Gosh!  I broke my promise and my sister did not like it.  But she understand me.  She just told me that I am an addict.LOL  Thanks sister for understanding my addiction.  For the second time I made another promised that this will be the last time I will be buying new phone unless it gets busted or lost.  Anyways, I am loving my new phone now.  I enjoyed exploring my new phone.

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