Changed Password

I am on vacation for nine (9) days with my father, brother and two nephews.  I took the chance to be away from the busy city and have some time to rest on doing the household chores.  I do not intend to bring laptop because I want to relax and stay away from online life for a moment.  However, my work is online so I have to bring laptop to check if I have writing jobs.  Since the battery of my laptop needs to be replace, I asked the sister if I can borrow hers.  I am glad she said yes.

In my two days at the province, I thought of checking my account in paid site to see if I have writing job.  The problem is I do not memorized my password.arghs!  I have to change my password in the paid site I am working and change the password also of my social media accounts.  If only I have saved the passwords in my phone or in my notebook I do not need to change password.  I am glad that I memorized my yahoo mail password or else I am dead.  This is a lesson that I should learn.  After what happened, I have saved all the passwords in my phone, and notebook.  So, when I forgot the password, I have a copy.

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