I am glad our area does not affected much

The city have scheduled rotational brownout in very areas because of the power shortage.  This is not the first time though because the city did the same things years before for the same reason.  However, the problem now is that the brownout takes longer up to six (6) hours and two brownouts in a certain areas in a day.  I have read on the status of my friends on social media regarding this matter.  The problem is that the brownout happens at night and it is summer here in the country the weather is not so good.  Sleeping where the weather is hot and can’t use the electric fan or A/C because brownout is a torture.  I have experienced it before and it is difficult.

I am glad that our area is not affected of the rotational brownout.  I am wondering also, why we are not included.  We do experienced brownout but only lasted for 30 minutes or less.  I must say that our area is fortunate.  I pity those affected with rotational brownout.  Anyways, I wish that this issue will be settle soon and the government will do something about this power shortage because it is not fair to experienced this brownouts and still paying huge amount of electric bill.  People deserves to get the right service of the amount they paid, right?

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