Automatic car is not his type

The father is expecting a money from the sold land in the province.  They are processing the final documents and will be released anytime soon.  While waiting the father is thinking on how he will spend the money.  He is thinking of a business or buying a new car for the family.  We tried putting up a small business years back but it was a failure.  We decided to close it down.  The ventured business is not that profitable.  Because of the failure business, the father thought of buying new car instead.  Since we like to travel and going to beach we do not need to rent a car anymore if we have one.  And I like the idea.haha!

The BIL told us that there is an SUV car that is for sale.  He knows the person so probably we will get big discount.  The problem is that the car is automatic.  The kind of car that the father does not like.  He preferred manual.  I saw the car and it is really nice.  I did my very best to persuade father, but my best wasn’t good enough for I got a NO answer.  The BIL brought the car once for the father to see.  He likes the look of the car, unfortunately, automatic is not his type.  I felt a bit sad because I like the car very much.  The older brother also agreed to my father.  Better luck next time for me.  Hopefully we will find the car that the father wants so I can start driving lesson.haha! Pardon my excitement.*wink

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