The Wedding Video

My younger brother got married three years ago, but have not seen their wedding photos and video yet.  I have been bugging them to bring the CD tape every time they visit us but always forgot.  If only they live near us, I would surely get it myself because I am so eager to watch their wedding video and wedding photos.  The reason that we did not able to see it before is because their marriage life is struggling.  My brother and his wife has encounter a big turbulence on their first year of married life.  Luckily, they patched it up and promise to not give up easily no matter how difficult and hard the trials they are facing.

After three years, finally I get to watch the wedding video.  It is really fun watching the video, the edited one and no edit.  I enjoyed watching the bloopers and the laughter.  It was indeed a moment to treasure for the couple and us.  The day where the whole family and the relatives are having fun.  Thank you brother for bring the CD finally for us to watch.  Next time you visit, please bring the wedding photos.  I’d like to see the photos especially my photos..haha!  Anyways, I wish you all the best in life now that the turbulence is gone.  Good luck on your smooth sailing married life.  Be happy always and God bless you both.

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