Can’t connect to camera

I handed my old tablet to my nieces after buying new one.  It is my gift to them though sometimes they are not good kids (not all the time though).  One of the main reason of course is I love them.  Since I am planning to buy new tablet, tabphone to be exact.  They can download as many games as they want.  They have been bothering me to download games that they like before but I did not to refrain them from borrowing.  Well, I am just protecting my gadget because kids are too careless.  I value my stuffs especially if it is the fruit of my labor.

Anyways, just tonight my nieces telling me that when she opened the camera to take picture, there is a pop-up on the screen saying, camera not connected.  I asked her what did she do but she nodded.  Something is wrong of the camera I must say.  I tried many times to restore and find the possible way but I was not able to.  I deleted some pictures and videos too but still camera is not connected.  I guess it is time to bring it back to the costumer service to have it checked.  Since it is out of the warranty, I told the niece to prepare money for the repair fee so she can take lots of photos using the tablet.

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