More Educational Games

I want to keep my tablet away from my nieces and nephews because my first ever tablet was busted because of them.  Most of the time I play with my tablet when they are not around.  But there are times that they saw me playing and want to borrow.  I always refused because I promised not to let them play with it after what happened to my old tablet.  The girls are so eager of what games I downloaded in my tablet.  They know some games and told me to download it but I did not because for sure they will always bugs me.

Since kids are so techie nowadays, I prefer to download more educational games.  It would be very helpful to them especially to my nephews whose just started schooling.  Aside from they are enjoying it, they also learned from it.  The girls won’t be bothering me to borrow the tablet because most of the games I downloaded are for nursery and kinder students.  I tried played with it and it is nice.  I am enjoying it actually.  The nephews did not try it yet, but soon I will let them play with it for them to learn.  Of course with my supervision so my tablet is safe.  Once is enough, so to speak!

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