Do not use while charging

Before I have this habit of using my phone while charging.  When I am talking to someone, texting to someone, listening to music, searching online using my phone and checking latest on my Facebook and Twitter account.  I always used my phone even it is still charging.  I really do not care if the phone get so hot while using it.  All I care is that I am enjoying what I am doing.  Funny thing is I wish there is a phone that does not need to be charge, I will surely buy it.  And that is so impossible.haha!

However, after hearing and seeing news on television about the victims of electricuted.  This news is an awareness to those mobile users to avoid accident.  This incident scares me a lot.  And I guess I have to stop this habit of using the phone while charging.  My niece also have this habit and I always remind her of the danger of continue doing it.  I showed her the photos of those victims shared on Facebook for her own good.  Sometimes she listens but most of the time she is not and it makes me so angry.arghs!  But I will not stop reminding her to not use the phone while charging.

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