Afraid to try Windows 10

Every time I opened my laptop, there a pop up about Windows 10 upgrade and it is for free, trial for few days.  I am tempted to try because it does looks nice because it has quick access to my favorite things.  But I haven’t tried it yet because I am afraid that I might regret it after trying this trial period.  I am also afraid that I might lost some of the important files I have in my Drive C and Documents.  I have talked to a friend about Windows 10 and she said that she does not like it, so I never bother to try this free upgrade.

My sister tried this upgrade though and she likes it at first.  However, when she was checking her files, some are missing.  She is panicking and asked me what she will gonna do.  I wish I can help her but it is beyond my knowledge.  I am not that techie and that is why I never bother to try this upgrade because I do not want this things to happen.  She is trying her best to retrieve some of her files but she fails.  The sister end up bringing her laptop to the technician to help her find her lost files.  I hope that the technician will able to retrieve it because the files are so important.  Good luck to my sister.

Because of this, I do not think I will give a second thought of trying this Windows 10 upgrade for I am afraid losing my important files.

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