Glad it is under warranty

My sister just bought a new tablet for her two sons.  She just bought the cheaper one because her intention is just to download games for her sons to use while she is busy doing her stuffs at home.  When she is at work, I am the one attending her two sons.  I am glad that the kids does have new toy to keep them busy so I can do my chores at home.  The problem is that they are fighting of who will going to play the tablet first.  I try to explain to them however, talking to 5 and 3 years old is like talking to a tree.LOL  Because they are fighting the tablet fell many times and is not working anymore.

The sister is sad and blaming herself.   She brought the tablet to the costumer service and have it check.  She is glad that it is still under the warranty so there is no payment for the repair and check up.  The tablet now is back to normal, but the games she downloaded was lost because the gadget was reformatted.  And it only means that she has to pay to download new games.  She learned her lesson for what happened.  The same learned I had when I let the nieces played with my tablet before.  Therefore we conclude that it is not good to let the kids played with gadgets.

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