It’s Holiday Today

Today is Rizal Day.  It’s a National Holiday in the country.  It is a non-working holiday.  People will get to spend more time with their family.  My sister-in-law will go to the mall with her kids to spend time together and also to shop some stuffs for the holiday.  It is perfect time to shop today because malls offers huge discounts for the holiday.  Kids are very much excited because they have lists of things to  I am pretty sure their mom will be having headache today. Shopping with kids is very costly for they want to have almost everything interesting they saw.*whew*

Since it is holiday, I am free from babysitting.  I will make this day a resting day for me.  I do not have to look for the kids because their parents are with them.  I have all the time for myself.  I have peace and quiet at home.  I have thought of the things that I want to do today.  First thing to do is to update my blogs.  It has been days since the last time I updated it.  After this, I will look for a nice movies to watch online.  Romantic movies to be exact.  I will have movie marathon today.  Thanks to my internet connection I will get to see old movies that I like.

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