The television is busted

At home, we do have two television.  In the living room and in my room.  I seldom use the television in my room because the screen is smaller and no remote control.  I am the kind of person that keeps on changing channels.  So, I like to use the television in the living room.  But I do appreciate having television in my room because I do get to watch my favorite documentary shows late at night.  When all are sleeping I prefer to watch the my favorite shows at night in my room, especially when it is late at night and when I want to lay down while watching TV.

Unfortunately, the television in my room is busted the other day.  I do not know what is wrong.  It’s just stopped working when I turned in on.  It has no display and no power.  I felt really sad and felt the importance of having television in my room.  I have contacted my electrician brother but he is too busy at work.  He is working far from us, so going home is not that easy.  I guess I have to wait for him till he has the time to visit us.  I hope sooner because I so missed the television.  Just like now, I want to watch a documentary show but I am scared to watch in the living room alone.  Brother please come home sooner.

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