Bulb is Busted

Oh yes, another bulb at home is busted.  I just bought the bulb months ago.  It is sad that it did not last for at least a year.  Well, I should have known since I bought the bulb at cheaper price.  I am just sad that it is busted at night.  No light in our dining area.  We do not have any choice but to transfer the bulb from the terrace to the living room.  Our terrace is so dark now.  The place where I want to stay after having dinner.  For the mean time, terrace is not my favorite place to stay after dinner.  Have to wait till we buy new bulb maybe tomorrow.LOL

The brother give me money to buy bulb because it is so dark outside.  He also told me to buy a good quality of bulb because the one that is busted is not a good quality that is why it does not last longer.  Hopefully I will find time to go to the department store tomorrow to buy new bulb. I will buy two bulbs to have an extra just in case another bulb is busted unexpectedly.  It is best to be ready all the time.wink*  Thanks brother for the money.  I am glad you visited us.haha!

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