It stops working

My old laptop is four years old.  I hand it over to my sister for two years already and she has been using it since then.  But because it is a bit heavy, the sister decided to buy netbook.  She is still using the old laptop though because some of her files at school is saved in the old laptop.  Just recently, she thought of handing over the old laptop to the niece because niece needs laptop at school.  The sister started transferring her old files to finally hand over the laptop to the niece.  However, the laptop suddenly stops working.

OMG!  I guess the old laptop is hurts that is why it stops working.  The sister is sad because she just bought new battery for the old laptop and the laptop is stopped working.  How can she give it to my niece?  Another expenses is about to happen I must say but the sister is on a tight budget.  The handing over of the old laptop might take longer because it needs to be repaired and the sister has no money for that now.  Just be patient my niece, you will have this laptop next year, we hope.

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