Three days is like forever

I was away from my online life for three days because my internet provider cuts off my connection.  This thing happens many times already and I do not really understand why they like to disconnect my internet connection when in fact I paid on time.  I went to their costumer service and they just tell me that something is wrong with their system.  Same old reason and I am so sick of it.  I do not have this issue for years of using their service.  This issue happens just recently.  The last time they cut off my connection was September of this year.  It is really irritating.  I wish to find another provider soon so I can transfer right away.

Three days of not having internet connection is like forever to me.  I was not able to update my blogs, I was not able to check if there is writing job for me, was not able to watch my favorite Korean Drama online, was not able to talk to my friends online and many more.  To make it short I missed many things because they terminate my internet connection.  I am glad that my net connection is back now, and I hope really hope that they will not do it again.

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