Need to buy vacuum cleaner

To be owning a vacuum cleaner is just a want.  Though it is a big help to make the chores at home easy, I do not need it that much.  I can live without it and I can do the chores using the feather duster, broom and rag.  Never in my dream have thought of buying this vacuum cleaner.  However, after deciding to have pet (dog) at home I guess I need to buy vacuum cleaner.  I am sweeping the floor using the broom before but now it is not helpful because the fur of the dog is everywhere.  I need vacuum cleaner to help me get rid of those fur.  This is the reward of having pet (dog) at home.

I can borrow vacuum cleaner of my sister but doing it over and over again is not a good idea.  It is best to buy one so I do not have to run to the sister’s house to borrow the vacuum cleaner.  Since I have a pet at home, owning/buying a vacuum cleaner is no longer a want, it is a need.  And means I have to spend.LOL  Well, I will be asking my brothers support of course.  I hope they will like it when I propose to buy vacuum cleaner.  I can sense they will disagree at first just like what happened when I told them that I will like a dog at home.  But eventually they will agree after millions of begging.haha!  Good luck to me!

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