Should I be mad?

The reason why I bought new phone is because my brother wants me to give my Samsung Galaxy Young Dou to him.  He wants to have android phone for Facebook purposes.  It was one difficult decision to make because my Samsung phone is one of my remembrance in my blogging career.  It was the first phone that I bought using the money I earned through blogging.  But because I love my brother, I gave it to him and I bought cheaper phone.  When I hand it to him, I saw his big smile.  Makes me happy seeing him happy.  He was like a baby playing with his first ever toy car.

It has been in his care for a year now.  Lately, I have not seen the phone that I gave to him.  I asked the brother where is the phone that I gave to him.  He said that he gave it to his girlfriend.  Honestly, I am hurt because of what he did.  I felt that he is not valuing the thing that I give to him.  I told him that if he thought of buying new phone, he should give it back to me so I can give it to my niece.  But it is too late now because the phone has new owner.

If I were to ask you, should I be mad of what my brother did?

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