Selling Her Nikon Camera

My friend who is now living in Australia contacted me last Friday.  She is offering to me her Nikon camera.  She is selling it in a low price because she is planning to buy a new one.  I saw the camera in the picture and it is really nice.  It is slightly used.  Has nice lens, tripod and the likes.  I really like it but the price is still very high for me even if she is selling it in lower price.  I told her in a funny way, if I could have it and will pay her via installment.  Unfortunately, she is not accepted my proposal.LOL

I am so interested to buy her Nikon DSLR Camera, however, when I think about it thoroughly, I do not really need it because I already have my digital camera.  I am seldom using it nowadays because I always stay at home.  Not like before that I get to travel a lot.  Gone are the days when I used to be a traveler.  I asked the sister if she is interested but she said, she is contented with her digital camera.  She also said that, it is better to save than to spend nowadays.  And the sister has a point.

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