My latest gadget

Oh yes, I have another gadget added to my beloved gadgets.  I am not collecting gadgets, just want to buy what I like and present for myself for the job well done.  Just recently I bought new tablet/tabphone.  It was not in my plan to buy new tablet.  It was my sister’s fault.LOL!  She was looking for a netbook and while I was there I went to the phone and tablet area.  There I found a tablet/tabphone that catches my attention.  The moment I saw it I told myself that I want to have this.  Week after I have the gadget that I saw at the mall.

Since I have new tablet, I gave my old tablet to the nieces and nephew.  But before giving it to them, I made and schedule of who is going to play first, how many hours and what day.  This is to avoid fighting.  The kids are very happy because they really wanted to have tablet.  They have downloaded the games that they like and they are enjoying it.  I hope that they will take good care of it.  I also told them that they are not allowed to touch my new gadget because they have tablet already.

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