My first laptop is dead

My first laptop is four years old.  I got it when my blogging job became stable and starting to pick up.  It was one of the happiest day in my life because I never thought that I would be able to buy a laptop.  Before, to me owning a laptop is impossible but my blogging job made it possible.  My old laptop is the first investment that I bought from the money I earned online.  It is very valuable to me and meaningful because it reminds me of the time when I just started blogging and trying to earned.  I must say, the old laptop is one of the fruits of my hard work online.

After two years of using it, I decided to give it to my sister because she needs a laptop at school.  It would be easier for her to make lesson plan using laptop.  I bought new laptop and give the old one to my sister.  Though it is an old laptop, I am very proud to say that the laptop is still in good condition because I took good care of it.  It is in my sister’s position for two years and a half now.  Just the other day the laptop is dead.  We have tried to turn it on many times but it shows to display.  My sister is so worried because most of her important files are stored in the laptop.  She hasn’t done typing her lesson plan and test papers yet.  The sister is worried.  We are trying to contact a technician that will help us fixed the laptop, hopefully soon so the sister can proceed with her papers works.

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