Need to reformat my laptop

I have mentioned in my previous post about the Windows Update in my laptop.  I do not have this problem before because it will just update automatically, but lately it is not working.  The worse is that I cannot concentrate doing my online stuffs because it always says not responding.  It is really frustrating because it freezes for few minutes and when I move the mouse it will say not responding.  I tried to run the windows update manually but still it does not work.  It will say failure to install update.arghs!  It is really frustrating.

I asked a friend about my problem and told me that the only way to solve my problem is to reformat my laptop.  The idea is good and I am considering it however, it is not good at this time because I do not have extra.  I know that reformatting my laptop will cost me a bit.  The timing is not really good.  Someone told me that reformatting will cost me 1,000 pesos (12 usd).  Where can I get that amount when blogging earning is very slow?  I hope I can still bare this problem until I have the amount to pay for reformatting my laptop.

Does anyone here can help me with this problem?  Can you share it to me so I can reformat on my own? Thanks!

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