The light is busted

Things do happen unexpectedly that is why we have to be ready at all times.  However, there are times that we will be caught unguarded.  This is what happened to the light in my bedroom.  I was about to do my online staffs when the light is blinking and went off.  I thought I was just my niece turning off the light but when I turned around the niece is sleeping.  I took the flashlight of my father to check the light.  I found out that the bulb turns black.  Yes, the bulb retires and I need to buy new one.   My night was ruined because of the busted light.

I have lots of plans to do last night online but was not able to because I cannot concentrate doing it without light.  It is really difficult to work in dark surrounding.  I tried though for couple of minutes but decided to stop and hit the hay instead because it is not good for the eyes to work in without light.  I am a bit sad because of the ruined plans, however, if I were to look at the positive side of what happened, I have to be thankful because I was able to sleep early last night.

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