Happy to have new phone

She got her first phone when she finished with honors a year ago.  It was my award for the job well done.  Also I promise that whoever finished with honors will get a reward of their choice.  And the niece chooses phone.  Unfortunately, the phone lasted for months only.  She did not take good care of it.  Yes, I am so angry because she is being careless, I scolded her and get mad at her but there is no use because the damage is already done.   I should not give her phone then.  However, a promise is a promise and I am keeping it.  She deserves to get the reward of her choice.

After her phone gets busted, she does not have phone.  We are worried because we cannot check on her at school since she goes home on her own from school.  Her grandfather gave her another phone, and it is busted as well.  Made me realized that this girl is not bad luck when it comes to having phone.lol  The classes will start soon and her older sister will be studying in different school.  Even if I am angry, I think she’ll be needing a phone.  I asked my brother if he could give to her his old phone since he bought new one.  At first my brother did not answer, but I never give up until he said yes.  The niece has new phone now and she is so happy.  I told her to be careful this time because this will be the last time we are giving her phone.  Next time, she has to buy herself phone using her own money.   I hope that she will take good care of it.  Good luck to the new phone.whew*

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