Windows updates failed

It has been three weeks of suffering from this Not Responding issue.  I know that there is something wrong with my laptop, and the worse is that I do not know how to solve it.  I asked a friend about this issue and told me that I need to do some updates on my windows manually.  I have tried as well, but always failed.  I am really frustrated because I cannot concentrate with what I am doing because it always freezes.  I have to refresh many times or restarts my laptop.  Sometimes I tempt of punching the keys of the laptop.  I am glad my patience is big.

My laptop needs window updates but it always fails.  It is irritating thinking that I have done everything but still it is not good enough.  I talked to my sister about it and she suggested to contact technician to help me solve this issue.  I do not think I need to go to the technician yet.  I will find a way to solve this problem.  I wish and hope that a friend can help me with this.  I keep on trying to update it manually even if it always failed.

To all my visitors and happens to read this post, do you know how to solve this issue?  Please help me because I am desperate.  I do not want to contact a technician.

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