The charger is busted

First it was the tablet, now it is the charger. Arghs!  Problems really comes in an unexpected time.  I do not know what went wrong because I am taking good care of my staff.  I do not remember that it fell on the floor either.  I guess it has something to do with the quality of the products/materials.  I am really sad because I just spent money fixing the tablet few months ago, now I have a feeling I have to spend again to buy new charger.  I can’t play with the tablet because the battery is empty.  We have several chargers at home, but none fits to my tablet.

I went to some shops and it is frustrating that there is none original battery available for sale, even on the store where I bought the tablet.  The chargers that are available are First class and pirated.  It is cheaper, there is no guarantee that it will last longer.  I am still looking for a store where I could buy original charger, if I won’t find one, I guess I will consider buying first class or pirated one whichever is cheaper.  Think the cheaper is the pirated one.  They say that it is not advisable to buy pirated one, but what can we do when original charger is not available.  Tsk…tsk….tsk..

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