Thank you brother for the new stand fan

The second hand stand fan that my brother bought few months ago did not last longer.  Though we are not expecting that it would last longer since it is a second hand item.  Buying second hand is not a good idea but if you are in a tight budget, you might consider buying second hand item because it is cheaper.  The only problem is that it will gets busted on an unexpected time.  That is what happened to the second hand fan that the brother bought.  The timing is so bad because it is summer and the weather is very hot.  Me and the nieces are having difficult time to sleep at night for almost two weeks.

I want to ask the other older brother if he has extra so I can buy new electric fan but I refrain from doing so because I have asked several favors already.  I kind of ashamed to ask again.  However, thinking of more sleepless and sweating night, guess I cannot stand it anymore.  So I asked the brother.  I am so glad that I have a kind and generous brother.  He gave me money to buy new electric fan right away.  I bought stand fan from the money that brother gave me.  Thank you very much brother.  God bless you always!

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