Five hours black out

When we say black out, it does not sounds good because it means no electricity and no water.  I have experience those and I must say it really sucks.  The worse is when black out happens at night on the summer season.  Yes, we have black out yesterday.  I heard it is Mindanao wide.  It In our place, the black out starts at 12:00 midnight. It was the worse night that I have.  I did not able to sleep well because I am sweating the whole night.  It was the sweating night that I ever had.  I don’t usually open the window of my room but last night I open it but no signs of wind.

Hours of no electricity is not easy.  We are glad that the electricity is back after five hours.  However, it went of again at nine in the morning.  Something is wrong with the electricity I bet.  We want to know the cause of the Mindanao wide black out but we cannot watch tv or listening to the radio to know the latest news about the cause of black out.  No electricity, no water and sweating is indeed worse situation.  The electricity is back again and I hope that they have fixed the  problem so there won’t be hours of black out anymore.

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