The electric fan is dead

The second hand electric fan that my brother bought at his friend’s shop is dead.  It only lasted for months.  Though he bought it in cheap price still we are sad because it looks like the money went to waste.  If only we bought a brand new one, it will last longer.  It is sad that the electric fan is dead in not so perfect time.  It is not so perfect because we do not have budget yet to buy new one, plus it went did in summer time where the weather is hot.  I guess, this is the prize we have to take for buying a second hand item.

My brother who is an electrician tried to fix it but he can’t.  He told us that instead of buying parts to fix the electric fan, it is best to buy brand new electric fan.  He told us that if the fan is fixed, he can’t guarantee that it will last longer.  The brother is so right.  We decided to buy new one instead, however, we have to save first.  It would be very difficult for me and the two nieces sleeping at night without fan.  Hopefully we ca bear it until the new electric fan arrives.

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