The timing is not good

Consider replacing battery, this is the words that shock me when I open my laptop the other day. The timing is not really good and it makes me really sad. Thinking about it, it has been three years since I bought my laptop. Three years in service and at least 8 hours duty in a day, made the laptop of my battery this way. This may be the reason my laptop shuts down suddenly. It is sad because I cannot bring my laptop anymore when I go to mall or beach because the stand-by time only lasted for 30 minutes.

I so wish I have the money to buy new battery for my laptop. If only the blogging earning is not slow, I might be able to buy new battery for my laptop. Hopefully I will get writing opportunities/jobs so I have the money to buy battery for my laptop. I have already asked of the price and the price is a bit high. It is frustrating because the timing is really bad. This may be the prize for overusing my laptop. Well, three years is long enough. The next time, I will be very careful using my gadgets like laptop. I will not over using it.

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