Power bank to recharge phone anytime, anywhere

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When I go out, my phone is one of the important things that I should bring with me next to my wallet. My father always asked where I am, what time I will go home, asks something, and many others. Yes, my father always monitors me when I am out. Sometimes, I do not mind him calling or sending message through my phone. But when I go home, I sure get a nagged from him. Whew* This is how my father is to me. Sometimes I wonder if my father still thinks of me as a teenager.lol It is tiring sometimes, but when he is not messaging me, I kinda miss it.

When I have plans of meeting friends or going to the mall, I see to it that my phone is not low battery. However there are times I forgot to recharge it and I go out with only one bar life of my phone’s battery. I hate myself of being so forgetful.arghs! Thanks goodness there is this power bank in the market. It was my friend who told me that I should buy power bank so I do not have to worry if the battery of my phone is low because I can recharge anytime using the power bank. A must have gadget for me especially when I am traveling.

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