I Suddenly Missed my Tablet

It’s been months since my tablet stopped working for the second time.  Yes, it fell for the second time and this time it fell on the ground while my niece is playing with it.  Of course I got mad because I just got it back from the shop after the nephew accidentally fell it on the floor.  To be honest I really want to hit my niece that time, but it is no use because it is still broken after hitting her.  Since I do not have money to bring it to the shop, I just put it in the drawer.  I am really sad because my tablet is one of my investments from the money I earned online.

Last night, I suddenly missed my tablet after seeing the sister’s tablet.  I opened the drawer and saw my beloved tablet.  I so missed playing games using my tablet and checking emails using my tablet.  I thought of bringing it back to the shop to have it fixed.  I felt that my tablet will go into waste if it is not fixed.  Even though it is really painful, I just have to close my eyes for the amount I am going to pay to have it fixed.  This time, I will not really let any of the kids play with my beloved tablet.

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