It’s January, Let’s celebrate

The month of January is one of the important months in the family. These events are listed in my phone and it will remind me when the day comes. Four members of the family will celebrate their birthday and wedding anniversary of my sister and her husband. January 7 is my niece 10th birthday, January 16 is my nephew’s 2nd birthday, January 22 is my older brother’s 42nd birthday, January 23 is the 4th wedding anniversary of my sister and BIL, and January 24 is my birthday. Yes, it’s my birth month and thanks the Lord God for another year of life’s blessings. In case you wonder, I purposely did not put my age because I want to keep it secret. But I will give you a hint; I am not getting any younger.LOL

Anyways, January is a big celebration in the family because of the five events that we have. No big plan ahead because we are on a tight budget. Just like before, we will be having a simple celebration with the family and some invited relatives, neighbours and friends. First stop is a double birthday celebration of the niece and nephew so we can save.haha! We did the same thing last year though. It would be a double birthday celebration of my brother and me too. The wedding anniversary is different celebration. We do not know yet of the sister’s plan. Maybe a simple dinner with the family at home.

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